I’m going to share my email with you but also allow you to anonymously send whatever nonsense or cool stuff you’d like my way. The choice is yours, friend. You have to admit it’s just weird putting up a webpage for people who don’t know you at all but might want to contact you about something.

I hope you understand. Maybe email me about that, how weird this all is? I mean I guess it’s pretty normal now, but do you remember phone books and landlines? Like do you remember just going over to the neighbor kids house to play outside? When I was a kid we used to play a game called ghost in the graveyard, it was like tag at night. Do kids even do that kind of stuff?

Oh well we do everything online now. But being a kid in the 90’s rocked.

This Is My Email

If you’d really like to email me, that blue link below is the best way. Hopefully that was clear enough for you, if it wasn’t, try the box on the right to ask me how to email me, if I’m bored enough maybe I’ll help.

Send Me a Message

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